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Awaken Haiti send-off and supplies

Phil and Hannah Breidenbaugh will be leaving for Haiti this coming Thursday on February 14th on a partnership trip with Awaken Haiti.  They are taking along with them a pile of school supplies purchased with money raised from our terrific children in kidSPACE! Thus Sunday, check out the supplies and hear what’s in store for this […]

Power and Character in The Lord of the Rings

To all of you Lord of the Rings fans out there . . . Ryan Frey published a thought provoking piece on the use of power based upon the Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings.  Here’s an excerpt: “Frodo was a reluctant hero. Although he desired the adventuresome life of Bilbo and the wisdom and experience it […]

kidSPACE participates in Awaken Haiti


During the month of December, kidSPACE kids in grades K-5 participated in a contest between the boys and the girls. The goal? To see who could raise the most money for Awaken Haiti. The kids were encouraged to do extra chores or help others out to earn money for their team! Each week the kids brought in their money where it was counted and charted for them to see. Are you ready for the results?

Giving Tree

We have the opportunity to partner with the Penn Manor Giving Tree again this year! 

Please read the following letter from the Penn Manor Student Council President to better understand the needs in our local community:

My name is Lindamarie and I am the President of Student Council at the high school.  One of the largest and most rewarding events that we organize is the Giving Tree – a holiday tree located in the high school library that holds gift tags.  Gifts needed by families in the Penn Manor School District are written on each tag.  The needs/tags are from families in all the elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school. 

This year we were overwhelmed with the number of needs/tags we received from the District Social Workers.  The families are not asking for expensive or frivolous items, but instead necessities such as toilet paper, that we so easily take for granted.

Where is our Hope?

On the morning after our National Election, some thoughts from Scot McKnight over at the Jesus Creed blog are ripe for our reflection.

 . . . this morning the eschatology of American Christians may become clear. If a Republican wins and the Christian becomes delirious or confident that the Golden Days are about to arrive, that Christian has an eschatology of politics. Or, alternatively, if a Democrat wins and the Christian becomes delirious or confident that the Golden Days are about to arrive, that Christian too has an eschatology of politics. Or, we could turn each around, if a more Democrat oriented Christian becomes depressed and hopeless because a Repub wins, or if a Republican oriented Christian becomes depressed or hopeless because a Dem wins, those Christians are caught in an empire-shaped eschatology of politics.

I can’t imagine 1st Century Roman Christians caught up in some kind of hope whether it would be Nero or Britannicus who would succeed Claudius.

Where is our hope?

Awaken Haiti

Hurricane Sandy just hit Haiti causing even more devastation to a country in pain.  Seems like a good time to announce that Millersville BIC is in the process of finalizing a commitment for our global partnership to work with an incredible ministry doing incredible work in Haiti — Awaken Haiti.

We are thrilled to include a global connection with an incredible ministry . . .

New Blog Page

This page will soon be the home of our blog. Check here for: kidSPACE Connect Blog posts News updates Quotes and reflection points   Better yet – put this page in your RSS feed and get the updates automatically.