Living intentionally as disciples

Connecting and living life together are part of the core beliefs at Millersville Church. Many of us participate in Connecting Groups, small groups that help us be intentional about discipleship in the everyday rhythms of life.

How does this look like?

Connecting Groups meet faithfully meet several times a month with the purpose of encouraging each other as they collectively walk out their faith by knowing, growing and going in the name of Jesus Christ. Groups meet on a variety of days and times, often sharing a meal together. And many groups intentionally include children in the discussion.

  • Knowing: To know God in a deeper way Bible study, learning from each other
  • Growing: Building each other up and equipping our hearts for ministry
  • Going: Christ’s love compels us to share the message into our communities and neighborhoods

As we grow in our knowledge of God revealed in Jesus Christ (John 17:3) we are transformed and grow more in the image and likeness of Jesus, our Savior (1 Thess. 4:3a), and we embrace the call of Jesus Christ to go out into all the world with the transforming gospel message (Matt. 28:19-20).

Why Connecting Groups?

Community is important. The less we interact with each other in the everyday rhythms of life the more likely we are to see the Church as a building rather than the family of God. Discipleship is not a program – it is a normal way of life for all followers of Jesus.  God uses the mundane rhythms of life for his holy purposes.

Want to join a Connecting Group?


Phone: 717-872-6882